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The delivery of SC Laser's first 30000 watt groove laser cutting machine is imminent. What is the future of the 10000 watt level laser equipment?
Time:2023-11-14  Publisher:Wuhan SC Laser  Click:41

The 10000 watt level laser cutting equipment is not a new product that has just emerged. It has been continuously appearing in the market for several years. In recent years, some domestic companies have launched 100kw lasers. Of course, it will take some time for lasers that are close to 100kw to be put into production and use. The emergence of 10000 watt level laser cutting equipment has gradually relaxed the limitations of laser equipment in the field of cutting thick plates.


In the current steel industry processing, the main application industries are construction, machinery, automobiles, and energy, followed by shipbuilding and home appliances. Most of the materials used in these industries are medium thick plates, and traditional processing methods such as plasma cutting, flame cutting, water cutting, and wire cutting are commonly used. However, there are also some problems, such as the inability of plasma to cut small holes, poor dimensional accuracy, large thermal impact, inability to cut small parts, wide cutting seams, and waste of materials; Flame cutting can only cut carbon steel, not non-ferrous metals, and the cutting speed is slow; Water cutting causes significant pollution to water quality; Slow wire cutting speed and high consumables; The wear and tear of punch grinding tools is high, and the cost of mold opening is high. Laser cutting can make up for the shortcomings of traditional cutting methods. Before the emergence of ten thousand watt level laser cutting, kilowatt level laser cutting was a bit difficult for the processing of thick plates, and the advantages of laser cutting were naturally difficult to fully utilize. And when the 10000 watt level laser equipment matures and is used, these advantages naturally emerge.

The 10000 watt level laser equipment has its own advantages in thick plate cutting, and its high-precision processing ability for workpieces can eliminate secondary processing, saving production costs. Traditional processing of complex graphics is often difficult to form in one go, and even requires a combination of multiple equipment and processes to complete. However, using a 10000 watt laser equipment, a single device can complete it in one go, with fast speed, low cost, good surface finish, and the ability to process various oversized complex patterns.

The groove process is often used for welding pre-treatment of thick plates. In order to ensure better welding penetration of the material, a bevel is made at the edge of the material that needs to be welded. Traditional groove processing often uses mechanical processing methods such as planing and milling, which are separated from material cutting, making the process more cumbersome and difficult to ensure groove quality. The quality of groove processing has a significant impact on the welding process.


The 10000 watt grade groove laser cutting machine integrates thick plate cutting with groove cutting, completing material groove processing while cutting, replacing multiple machines such as plasma cutting, drilling, milling, and deburring machines with one machine, ensuring groove quality. It not only saves processing steps, but also saves labor, space, time, and so on.


The application and promotion of 10000 watt lasers bring more possibilities for metal processing. For dual generation lasers, high power is not the only pursuit. Combining customer production practices and providing personalized laser equipment solutions is the original intention of adhering to the same principles.


Nowadays, it is a critical period for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries in China. The development of high-end equipment manufacturing is a direction vigorously promoted by the country. The growth space for high-end laser equipment is vast, and the 10000 watt level laser equipment will undoubtedly be the best choice for industries with high-precision processing requirements such as aerospace, power equipment, petroleum equipment, and automotive manufacturing.


Today is the first launch of the Shuangcheng Laser 30000 watt groove laser cutting machine. This is not the limit of the industry, nor is it our limit. We hope to achieve both digital and technological breakthroughs in the near future. Let's wait and see.

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