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What aspects do laser cutting machines need to pay attention to when cutting aluminum materials?
Time:2023-07-08  Publisher:Wuhan SC Laser  Click:14

Is laser cutting machine difficult to process aluminum materials?

Many bosses know that the consumption of consumables in cutting machines is faster when processing aluminum, mainly because aluminum is a highly reflective material. The common reflectivity of metal materials is as follows: aluminum 80% -90%, copper 70% -80%, steel 30% -40%, nickel 30% -40%, titanium 20% -30%. It can be seen that aluminum has a high reflectivity and causes certain losses to laser cutting equipment.

What should be noted when laser processing aluminum materials?

1. Check for excessive oil stains and dust on the material: If there are oil stains and dust on the surface of the material, it will greatly affect the quality of laser processing. When we are loading and cutting, it is necessary to check whether the material surface is clean.

2. Using an appropriate laser cutting machine for aluminum cutting: The size of the laser power determines the range of materials that the equipment can process, but the higher the power, the better. When cutting aluminum, the appropriate power should be selected due to its low boiling point, low laser absorption rate, high thermal conductivity, high expansion coefficient, and other characteristics.

3. Set the correct cutting parameters and cutting speed: The main parameters of laser cutting include feed rate, cutting head height, and laser pulse frequency. Correct cutting parameters can make cutting without burrs, accurate accuracy, and better product quality.

4. Using suitable auxiliary gases: The main functions of auxiliary gases are twofold: firstly, to blow away residual waste and achieve the best cutting effect; The second is to use gas to chase away metal slag while protecting the lens, avoiding slag from adhering to the lens and affecting cutting quality.

Laser cutting of high reflectivity materials has always been a technical challenge in the industry, which requires manufacturers to put in more effort in various aspects and choose the right equipment to complete the appropriate work. Shuangcheng Laser has a core R&D team composed of multiple professional technical personnel, consistently, quickly and efficiently providing customers with cost-effective products and services, changing the world with one beam of light and illuminating the future with one beam of light!

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