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The trend of digital transformation of laser processing equipment
Time:2023-06-08  Publisher:Wuhan SC Laser  Click:14

Laser is commonly used in the processing of metal materials, and can be divided into laser cutting equipment, laser welding equipment, laser cleaning equipment, etc. according to their effects. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high accuracy, and low cost. Therefore, more and more manufacturing industries choose to use laser processing. So, after owning laser processing equipment, is there a better way to improve processing efficiency? So automated laser processing equipment was born.

1、 The Development of Laser Cutting Processing

The most commonly used laser application is still the laser cutting machine, as it is currently the most mature and widely used product. Especially in the early 21st century, laser applications in China experienced rapid development and gradually promoted the localization of technology and materials. China's large-scale manufacturing industry provided broad experimental scenarios and development space for the upgrading of laser equipment technology and the emergence of complete solutions. Especially, more and more enterprises are starting to think about how to solve the production bottleneck problems of automation, efficiency, and intelligence in enterprise production? This is not only a test for laser manufacturers, but also a test for the improvement of the manufacturing industry.

2、 The conditions for digital transformation of laser processing equipment

Firstly, laser processing equipment has a certain degree of intelligence because its intelligent sensing system and intelligent control system can accurately process the required products, which provides a good prerequisite for integrating laser equipment into the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing. For example, the coil laser cutting machine developed by SC Laser, combined with hardware equipment such as automatic uncoiling, leveling, material unloading, and stacking, as well as data software debugging, truly realizes production line automation and perfectly liberates manual labor.

3、 The advantages of automated laser production lines

Why do we need to undergo digital transformation? Because digitization is an inevitable trend. For many laser equipment application end enterprises, in addition to pursuing more advanced, faster, and high-power advanced laser technology, how to better integrate laser technology into personalized specific production scenarios and solve the production bottleneck problems of automation, efficiency, and intelligence in enterprise production will be a more urgent demand for laser technology application. In this context, laser processing technology is integrated with other advanced technologies. Mainstream laser cutting, welding and other laser equipment achieve precise control, automated production, and efficient coordinated operation of laser processing production and the entire line through CNC systems, automated transmission devices, robots, etc., promoting the continuous development of the manufacturing industry towards digitalization and intelligence.

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