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Exhibition Review | SC Laser Chengdu International Industrial Expo Exhibition Successfully Ends
Time:2023-06-13  Publisher:Wuhan SC Laser  Click:13

On April 26th, the first Western Industrial Show and the second Chengdu International Industrial Expo were grandly opened at the Western China International Expo City. SC Laser with laser sheet metal automation production line and other equipment appeared at the exhibition site, showcasing sheet metal laser automation processing solutions.

The equipment exhibited this time includes a Fully Automatic Flexible Sheet Metal Production Line, a Laser Uncoiling and Blanking Production Line, a Handheld Laser Welding Machine, and a Robotic Arm for 3D Welding.

Unlike showcasing traditional Single Table or Dual Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machines, SC Laser has chosen automated production line equipment as the focus of this exhibition. The pursuit and demand for ultra large format and ultra-high power is a demand in some industrial processing industries, but automation is an irreversible trend in the entire industrial industry.

During the three-day exhibition, the booth of SC Laser attracted many visitors. Many industry clients are conducting in-depth consultations and negotiations on site.

SC Laser is committed to providing customers with intelligent laser solutions that integrate with practical applications. We look forward to our next meeting.

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