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Welding head burning protection lens issue
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In a short period of time, the protective mirror is damaged with burnt spots, and there are dotted damage points on the glossy surface of the protective mirror, appearing as black or white medium black spots.

Reason analysis:

Due to the influence of technology/techniques/settings, it has caused damage due to slag reflection, with rare cases being abnormal laser output.


① Increase the air pressure appropriately, usually with a flow rate of no less than 15 and a pressure of no less than 4. It is recommended to use a nitrogen pressure gauge of no less than 3 kilograms.

② When welding, try to weld the gun at a 45 ° angle to the plate, not vertically.

③ Set parameters as slowly as possible, such as a delay of 200-500ms for opening/closing air, 20% for opening/closing light power, and a gradual time of 200-300ms for opening/closing light.

④ When welding aluminum and galvanized sheet, this material is more likely to damage the lens than other materials, and minimum power welding should be used.

⑤ The quality of protective lenses also determines their durability and it is recommended to use original lenses.

⑥ At high power, compared to low power, the loss of the lens will increase which is an uncontrollable range.

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