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SC LASER Express! SC Laser and Wuhan Shipbuilding Vocational and Technical College's School Enterprise Cooperation Officially Awarded and Established
Time:2023-02-13  Publisher:Wuhan SC Laser  Click:17

In order to carry out school enterprise cooperation and promote collaborative education, on February 8th, Wu Feng, the Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Wuhan Shipbuilding Vocational and Technical College, along with representatives of various leaders and teachers from the college, visited Wuhan SC Laser Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for inspection and exchange, accompanied by Li Jincheng, the General Manager of SC Laser, and signed a cooperation agreement, completing the licensing process.

During his visit to the factory, General Manager Li Jincheng gave a detailed introduction to the research and innovation of SC laser technology, and showcased various laser equipment and automated production lines developed and manufactured by SC laser.

At the meeting, both sides had in-depth discussions and enthusiastic exchanges around school enterprise cooperation, laser technology research and innovation.

Li Jincheng, General Manager of SC Laser, introduced the research and development of main products, the latest industry trends, and the demand for enterprise talents. Dean Wu Feng introduced the relevant policies of school enterprise cooperation and collaborative education in the college. The two sides exchanged in-depth opinions on various aspects such as school enterprise cooperation mode, horizontal topic exploration, talent collaborative training, and practical training base construction.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to achieve connotative development in higher education. Deepening the integration of industry, education, and research, as well as school enterprise cooperation, is the necessary path for the development of higher education, especially applied higher education.
Wuhan Shipbuilding Vocational and Technical College, as one of the earliest universities in China to offer laser majors, has provided many high-quality talents for various companies in the domestic laser industry.

SC Laser hopes to effectively solve the demand for professional talents in the school enterprise cooperation with Wuhan Shipbuilding Vocational and Technical College, and also enable the school to achieve the integration of industry and education in the cultivation of technical and skilled talents, achieving sustainable development of school enterprise cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, both parties signed an agreement on school enterprise cooperation, and Wuhan Shipbuilding Technology Vocational College officially established the "Industry University Research Sharing Research Center" and "Laser Technology Talent Training Base" in cooperation with SC Laser.

During this inspection and exchange, both parties hope to leverage their respective strengths to further deepen cooperation in talent cultivation, technology research and development, and jointly build an innovative mechanism and cooperation platform for collaborative education between industry, academia, and research, achieving a win-win situation.

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